Healthcare, SimplifiedCompassionate and personalized high quality medical care for a transparent price.

Paving The Way To Better Care by

Personal Attention

With a fraction of the patients of a traditional physician, you get Dr. Kumari who knows you and your unique health needs.

No Billing Suprises

No copay, no hassel, no billing!

Quality Care

Longer unrushed appointments means high quality care in a relaxed setting.

3 Ways To Care

Innovative Medical Care for the 21st Century


Consultation & planning

Trusted advice and a detailed plan for diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer

Chemotherapy Side effects and management

Compassionate and trusted guidance for those complex decisions.

Cancer Survivorship and recommendations

Review of prior records, recommendations, followup, management of long-term complications of cancer treatment

Genetic Counselling

Discussion of unique genetic risk factors and genetic testing

Cancer Screening

We provides cancer risk assessment, screening and diagnostic services.

Managing your Cancer risk

Helping you with personalized recommendations including diet, physicial exercise, yearly recommendations.


Trusted advice and a detailed plan for diagnosis and treatment of common blood disorders

Diagnosis and management

Blood disorders affect one of the blood’s main components – red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Common blood disorders treated

We treat anemia, hemophilia, clotting disorders, thrombosis, blood cancers

Cancer care

Cancer Care

Specialized healthcare with a personal touch.

Cancer Prevention

Dr. Anita Kumari believes in empowering every person with knowledge of their own personal cancer risk, with risk-adjusted screening recommendations and prevention options, so that they can optimize their own health.”

We place the doctor-patient relationship above all. We strive to provide exceptional medical and integrative Oncology care in a personable, respectful, safe, and compassionate environment that puts control back with the patient.